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Chainbase Accelerator is the first blockchain accelerator focusing on the acceleration of blockchain start-ups in their early stage in China. It provides one-stop support and guidance in business scenarios, users, product design, blockchain technology and funding for start-up teams with potentials. Chainbase Accelerator also provides business assessment, optimization, technology guidance and business development assistance for individual start-ups in order to facilitate their innovation and adoption efforts regarding blockchain technology. With Wanxiang Blockchain’ s industrial resources, Chainbase Accelerator has employed a team of tutors including top-tier blockchain entrepreneurship tutors, industry leaders and technology experts. Besides that, we have unique cross-sector cooperation and open working space which would inspire the innovative awareness for start-up teams.

Four Major Capabilities of the Acceleration Camp

Process for Participation


A Wonderful Meet-up, The First Gathering of DRC Community!

In the morning of November 19th, more than 40 members in DRC community gathered in the conference room of Wanxiang Chainbase Accelerator, sharing and discussing enthusiastically about the update of 4 selected blockchain projects...


Blockchain + Game Distribution Channels, Magic Oranges Helps the Small Channels and CP Have Better Lives in the Blockchain Way

There are more than 600 million game players in China. As more people plays game, the user's recognition of the game is increasing as well. And that is why everyone knows that the game industry is a huge gold mine. Even though there is a lot of competition, game is still a very profitable market.


【News from Chainbase Accelerator Camp】 Signed Strategic Cooperation Agreement with Shanghai Bianjie AITechnology Co., Ltd.

In July 4, 2017, Shanghai Bianjie AITechnology Co., Ltd. signed a strategic cooperation agreement with Hudongfeng Technology (Beijing) Co., Ltd., which built the Good Doctor online (, the internet healthcare platform.


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